Forum on licensed medical marijuana facilities held in Forsyth Township

LITTLE LAKE, Mich. (WLUC) - Forsyth Township residents gathered at the Throttle Bar and Grill in Little Lake Wednesday night for a moderated forum on the issue of licensed medical marijuana facilities in the township.

The Forsyth Township Medical Marijuana Initiative organized the forum, hoping to get community members on both sides of the issue out to express their support or their concern.

“The idea really was to have a public conversation and have a platform provided to our community where people feel safe to come here and express either their support or their concerns, knowing that this is a moderated event, it's not going to get out of hand,” said initiative member Randy Buchler.

The goal of the initiative is to get Forsyth Township to adopt zoning that will allow licensed medical marijuana facilities in the township, both for producing and distribution.

“The main reasoning behind that is because we would like to make safe medicine accessible to those that choose medical marijuana over pharmaceuticals for example,” said Buchler.

The forum was filled with supporters.

“I think our community should have safe access and more than that, regulate it and test it so that they know, just like when you go to the pharmacy and you get your aspirin, you know what you're buying,” said Forsyth Township resident David Beaudette.

The reasons for support even extended beyond the medicinal benefits of marijuana, but also to added jobs and tax revenue for the township. Still there were some concerns. One brought up was the potential for criminal activity in relation to the facilities. Supporters believe facilities would actually curb crime.

“I would say there's a better chance of crime with people searching on the streets, rather than if they were to go to a regulated facility like a pharmacy,” said Beaudette.

The initiative is currently working to petition the Forsyth Township board, if you would like to get involved, or even express your concerns, visit their Facebook page.

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