Forsyth Township explains possible Community Center closing

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GWINN, Mich. (WLUC) - The K.I. Sawyer Community Center could possibly close unless donors can help pay costs.

Township administration said the average cost of the center is nearly $110,000 per year, and according to records, the center averages around 35 patrons per day.

This means less than two percent of the township's population is using 25 percent of the township's recreation budget.

"I don't think the costs are extraordinary. They're extraordinary when you take in the aggregate of what the budget is, and the number of people who use it," Forsyth Township Supervisor Joe Boogren said. "I think the answer will be an end state of a coalition of the concerned, and we're more than willing to be a part of that coalition."

Possible alternatives to the after school program include the Y.M.C.A.'s program at Gwinn Elementary schools.

Boogren said the facility has funding until September, which allows for funding to be assembled. The facility already receives around $25,000 in donations to remain open, and Boogren said several organizations including the Sault Saint Marie Tribe and Sawyer Coalition, have been approached to fund the Community Center.

The next Forsyth Township meeting is March 22nd at the Gwinn Community Center.

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