Former mayor of Iron Mountain's 'sister city' visits

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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - Iron Mountain’s strong Italian heritage is one factor that brought the Former Sassoferrato Mayor and his friends into town.

The Former Mayor of Sassoferrato, Ugo Pesciarelli waves.

"We are visiting in Iron Mountain and it is the first time we are here. The reason we came was for the Italian Festival,” said the Former Mayor’s Friend, Nazarreno Azzerr.

Sassoferrato, Italy is Iron Mountain's sister city. A sister-city is an arrangement where cultural, educational, business and technical exchanges take place between two cities in different countries. A common bond that brings these two cities together includes their names.

Sassoferrato roughly translates to "mountain of iron."

Many residents in Iron Mountain have relatives from Sassoferrarto, which is why it is cool to have the former mayor in town to explore the city.

The Former Mayor of Sassoferrato Ugo Pesciarelli said the people in Iron Mountain have been so nice.

"My visit in Iron Mountain, especially Italian Fest I found beautiful hospitality from people."

Throughout the week, they are touring many places in Iron Mountain including Dickinson Homes. They even stopped to eat lunch at Organic Grounds Coffee House.

Their tour guide, Lisa Sarubini said she enjoyed showing the family and friends around.

"I love it. It's been so much fun, just being proud to show them our town."

Iron Mountain's ties with the group are growing closer this week.
The group will also be traveling to Marquette to see the great lakes.

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