Former Lake Shore Systems Inc. property in Kingsford to be brownfield site

The main office building will be turned into 30 apartments and the engineering building in the back will be turned into a banquet hall. (WLUC Photo)
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KINGSFORD, Mich. (WLUC) - In Kingsford, the former Lake Shore Systems, Inc. property at 900 W. Breitung Avenue has been recommended by the Dickinson Brownfield Authority, to become a brownfield site.This opens the way for new construction on the land.

The property has been vacant for about eight years. With the brownfield designation, it will help with the cost for asbestos and lead removal.

The new owner, Brad Staedt, plans to turn the main office building into 30 apartments and the engineering building into a banquet hall.

"There is no other large banquet hall and we're in need of the housing for the area,” he said.

Construction for the banquet hall is set to be done by late spring.

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