Former Governor sponsors newest LCS Navy wartime ship, USS Marinette

Published: Mar. 27, 2019 at 10:32 PM EDT
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Sparks were flying as the initials JMG were welded into USS Marinette's keel plate, standing for Michigan’s 47th governor, Jennifer Granholm.

The former governor was chosen by the U.S. Navy to sponsor the ship for her contribution to recognize the Marinette Marine for their years of shipbuilding services.

"This shipyard not just making it be but being excellent, expanding and hiring people," said Granholm.

As Marinette made a name for itself in the Littoral Combat Ships industry, the Navy chose to put their name on their newest multi mission warship, LCS 25, USS Marinette.

"There are 200 suppliers in this region both in Michigan and in Marinette who provide parts for these ships or benefit from the fact that the shipyard is here because they worked to get the ship named after them," said Granholm.

Not only will the ship have the spirit of the community but when fully constructed it will be one of the most efficient combat ships in its class.

"The flexibility of the ship design allows you to quickly integrate the capabilities which is what makes it stand apart and the other thing is it is minimally manned so it is only a 50 person crew because of all the automation and new technology," said Joe DePietro, the V.P. of Small Combatants and Ship Systems Lockheed Martin.

Wednesday's keel laying ceremony is just the start of the USS Marinette construction.

Next the ship will get erected inside before its put int the water for the launch and builders trials.

"An independent inspection comes from the US Navy to determine if that ship is worthy to be delivered to the Navy," explained DePietro.

The launch of the ship is set of mid to late 2020 with trail and delivery following in 2021.