Forget Valentine's Day - Sayklly's Candies working on Easter chocolate

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 6:01 PM EST
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While some may be last minute shopping for a Valentine's gift, maybe chocolates, the folks at Sayklly's Candies are planning way ahead.

Their production has now moved onto Easter candy.

"The vendors that want your product want to be able to display it to sell to the customer before the actual day, so you got to be ahead of the game a little bit," says president and plant production manager Kevin Robitaille.

Local candy factory and stores, Sayklly's, have been a U.P., Wisconsin, and Midwestern staple since 1906.

"Everybody, when they leave the U.P., they never forget about Sayklly's because we have a special blend that we use in our chocolate and it just makes it phenomenal," says Robitaille.

While TV6 & FOX UP couldn't get that special blend, we did learn the process for making one of Sayklly's 50,000 annual fudge Easter eggs.

First, the fudge is made right in the Sayklly's Escanaba factory.

Once it's mixed long enough, it gets poured into trays, where it later is cut into blocks.

That fudge then gets hand packed into the extruder, cutting it into egg shapes.

The egg shaped fudge travels down the line to the bottomer, which puts a coat of chocolate along the bottom.

From there, it heads under the chocolate curtain.

When it pops out on the other side, employee are waiting to embellish them.

The eggs then go into the cooling tunnel, before being boxed and shipped off to stores and vendors.

But Easter is not their busiest time - Robitaille says there are peaks throughout the year, keeping the factory on its toes.

"Each season has its own peak, like in the summer we do a lot of taffy and a lot of caramel apples. In the fall you do a lot of fundraisers for schools and bands and scouting groups and church groups and other organizations," says Robitaille.

Those fundraisers are a huge source of business for Sayklly's, and spring fundraisers have a special incentive - a 7.5 pound chocolate bunny, also made by hand.

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