Ford Airport honors veterans during Airport Days

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KINGSFORD, Mich. (WLUC) - It was a new experience that not a lot of veterans can say that they've had. Ford Airport gave them an opportunity Friday to climb aboard and go for a ride in a World War II B-25.

"It was really neat,” one veteran, Tom Sullivan, said of the experience. “Flying the B-25 is a once in a lifetime experience. It takes you back and realizes what it was like for those young guys to get on that bomber back in the war in the 40s."

The plane was part of the Airplane Day's Veteran’s Tribute. Coordinators say this annual event is meant to help keep patriotism alive in the area.

"Since Iraq and Afghanistan and 9/11, there has been a resurface of patriotism in the country and Vets are more accepted and more open,” Will Kroeger, EEA Chapter 439 Ford Airport Day Coordinator, said. “We just like to keep that going so people can remember our veterans every year."

Another goal for the weekend is to share their love of planes with the next generation.

"I love planes, I've always loved planes ever since I was a kid. My dad loved planes, my father-in-law loved planes,” Kroeger said. “I just love planes and aviation is an industry that is going to need pilots in the futur. Besides that, I love flying. When you love something you want to instill that love in other people."

The day also included guest speakers and a free lunch for veterans.

"Bottom line, we just want to say thank you to veterans and I don't think we do it enough,” Sullivan said.

All of the activities will continue on Saturday at 8 am. Everyone is invited out to come learn about aviation and to check out this incredible plane.

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