Football teams come to the aid of accident victims

Published: Aug. 22, 2018 at 2:57 AM EDT
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What was supposed to be a gathering to take team photos turned into something entirely different for the Bark River-Harris Broncos on Sunday evening.

Just after the teams finished having their pictures taken a motorcycle crashed into a car in front of Bark River-Harris school on U.S. 2 and 41.

The Broncos responded.

Around 25 players headed to the scene of the crash and immediately began to offer assistance.

Some players went into the school to get emergency equipment while others stayed at the scene to aid the victims and help direct traffic.

As the event progressed, the players also cleared vehicles out of the parking lot to allow the life flight helicopter to land at the school.

Travis Mack is one of the players who responded and he described what he saw.

"I just happened to be watching the intersection at the time and I had watched the car come to almost a complete stop and then stop again in the middle of the road and watched the motorcycle actually hit the car. It was not pretty."

Al Stenberg is the varsity football coach and he says that while he is proud of what his players did, he isn't surprised.

"I would say that within a minute, a minute and a half they had all four lanes of traffic shut down and were directing people around the crash. It was a pretty impressive display of effort on behalf of the kids."

The coach also expressed the team's feelings for those they helped.

"On behalf of the entire football program I'd like to say that Eric and Tera are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope that they are doing well."

Eric Laurin and his wife Tera Laurin of Carney were on the motorcycle.

Tera was treated for minor injuries, while Eric was transferred to a Lower Michigan hospital.

Police say, he is expected to recover.