Flower deliveries fighting cold weather for Valentine's Day

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - This Valentine's Day of course and many local flower shops were very busy. On top of a flood of last minute orders they had to contend with the cold temps as well.

Forsberg's a New Leaf in downtown Marquette is just one of those local shops who had to take some extra steps to ensure their flowers weren't damaged by the cold and wind.

"We don't like below zero weather for flowers so usually the delivery people leave their vehicle running when they come in and then everything is bagged, we just tell people even if they're going somewhere downtown with flowers for their loved one, we put them in a bag anyway just to protect them from the wind and the cold," said Bobby Glenn Brown, Designer for Forsberg's a New Leaf.

And if you didn't get your special someone flowers Valentine's Day they'll have plenty of stock on hand over the next few days. Forseberg's also wanted to thank their customers for their patience during this busy time of year.

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