Florence Elementary students 'rock' kindness

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FLORENCE, Wisc. (WLUC) - Students at Florence Elementary School in Wisconsin are rocking kindness throughout the community. Kindness and teamwork, two things Florence students are spreading this month. Working together, they chose a kindness quote to paint on a rock.

Florence County Elementary students choose a kindness quote to paint on a rock. (WLUC Photo)

Florence Elementary has a community and relationship building concept where students from different grades get into a tree house group.

"It really benefits all of the kids to work together and then on top of it spread that throughout the community just to encourage kindness and good qualities,” said Vanessa Schimmelpfenning, the Principal of Florence Elementary School.

These groups form lasting friendships with students and staff members.

"I liked the teamwork and effort we all put into it. I especially liked working with my group. I have amazing people surrounding me in this school,” said Madison Aubuchon, a Florence Elementary School Sixth Grader.

Each month, the group does a new activity outside of the classroom.

"It made me feel really good that I could brighten up someone's day and if they're feeling bad I'm there to make them feel happy,” said Aubuchon.

Florence Elementary School Fifth Grader, Caleb Baker is excited about how this will encourage positivity.

"It's good for everybody. It helps the community to be kind to other people and be nice," he said.

Staff members will take the rocks to all of the townships in Florence County.

If you find a rock, they ask that you take a picture with it and post it to the Florence School District Facebook page with the hashtag #GoFloCats.

You can choose to leave the rock in the same place or place it somewhere else in the community, where it can brighten someone's day.

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