Flood victims could get second chance at FEMA assistance

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Despite FEMA's decision to not approve individual assistance for Father's Day flood victims, federal and state lawmakers say the fight is not over to help those individuals.

"We're working diligently to get some more resources and to ask the president again for his mercy on these folks because we are in some tough times. We are pushing a lot of these corporate people to help also assist in getting furnaces, hot water tanks, washers and dryers [for] people that lost a lot of stuff," said Democrat Scott Dianda, 110th District State Representative.

Congressman Jack Bergman says FEMA needs more details in order to approve a request.

"Agencies like FEMA go with an 80 percent norm. What happened here in Hancock, Houghton, Lake Linden, all around the area was not within a norm. We're used to dealing with floods. Did the water rise? No, the water ran. Mud ran. Rocks came down hills," said Republican U.S. Congressman Jack Bergman.

The State of Michigan has 30 days to appeal FEMA's decision with a second application.

"We want to thank President Trump for the work that he did to get the money for FEMA for the roads and the infrastructure. We are putting in a second request from my office along with our congressman and our two federal senators," said Dianda.

In the meantime, Bergman is cautiously optimistic. There is no exact timeline for when flood victims could receive FEMA assistance if the second application is approved.

"Hang in there. Number one, you did the right thing right after the storm in making sure all of your neighbors were safe. You did the right thing to make sure you all pitched in and helped get the roadways operating again, made sure the water was safe, did all of those things. So, we're with you. We're together in this. We just have to work through the details to make sure we have a positive outcome," said Bergman.

If you need financial help, the Keweenaw Community Foundation is still accepting assistance applications through Dial Help. Application information is available in the related links section of this article.

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