Firearm hunting season comes to an end

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NORWAY, Mich. (WLUC) - This weekend marked the end of firearm hunting season in the U.P. The DNR said it was a great season with a lot of mature deer out. The number of deer that were brought to DNR locations to be tested were up by roughly 10%.

The department was testing for Chronic Wasting disease after one deer tested positive in October. So far none of the deer tested have come back positive.

"This year for our CWD surveillance and our expanded zone, we actually exceeded both of those quotas that we had set so that was really good response from people,” Ryan Mcgillviray, a DNR Wildlife Technician, said. “We're still taking samples if people want. We have met both of our goals but if someone really has an interest in knowing if their deer is positive or negative for CWD, we will still take that."

Samples can be left at drop boxes outside DNR offices.

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