Finding road condition reports online proves difficult

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NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - If you’re looking for road conditions in Upper Michigan online, it can be difficult to find.

Both AAA of Michigan and the Michigan State Police used to have websites that gave road conditions. But now, both sites are down and the state police do not have live reports over the phone. The state police stopped giving these updates because it tied up operators and wasn’t always accurate by the time the reports were published.

“We didn’t always have a trooper on the duty at that time that could give an accurate roads and weather or the information they gave us was maybe 4-5 hours old, so by the time the motorist hits the road and wants to go driving, we're looking at a completely different condition than we reported earlier on the site we used to report to,” said Sgt. Joe O’Hagan, of the Michigan State Police – Negaunee Post.

Although AAA and MSP’s sites are down, the Michigan Department of Transportation has a website giving road conditions called Mi-Drive. There are even live camera feeds showing what roads are like within minutes.

For more information on Mi-Drive, click here.

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