Festival of the Angry Bear celebrates craft bear, spring season

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Ore Dock Brewing Company unveiled six new beers Saturday at its annual Festival of the Angry Bear.

It's the fifth year for the event, celebrating everything the U.P. has to offer - craft beer, good food, good music and great people.

The festival showcases the brewery's barrel aged side of beer making, with all of the beers spending between six months and two years in the barrels. One of those beers, The Angry Bear, is where the festival gets it's name.

"The Angry Bear is named after the Festival of the Angry Bear's showcase beer, 'The Angry Bear,' a sour style brown ale that comes out of barrels every spring, so it's kind of like a mimicking of the bears coming out of hibernation, all of us up here kind of coming out of hibernation and just getting outside and celebrating the onset of spring, even though it looks like winter is holding on as tightly as possible," explains Adam Robarge, Production Manager of Ore Dock Brewing Company.

These six beers are the most Ore Dock has unveiled at Festival of the Angry Bear.

"The Angry Bear is really special this year. We aged it in red wine barrels, then finished it in a brandy barrel which is something we've never done, so that's really this year the showcase of the festival. We really wanted to make the focus on Angry Bear itself because it's the festival's namesake," Robarge says.