Female hunter makes it her own

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CRYSTAL FALLS, Mich. (WLUC) - Hunting isn't only a men's sport. In fact, Chandra Ziegler has been doing it for years and enjoys every second of it.

"Six or seven years ago I got interested in hunting, I'd always gross hunted, my family hunted growing up, but I never myself was that interested in deer hunting,” said Ziegler.

Ironically, Ziegler says she wasn't influenced by her family to start hunting.

She actually was motivated when she started to care more about knowing where her food was coming from and what she was consuming.

"I thought you know what if I'm really going to care about where it comes from, I might as well contribute to filling the freezer so I told my husband I wanted to learn and we just went from there,” said Ziegler.

At first, Ziegler admits it was hard to wrap her mind around the thought of killing an animal.

But, when she realized who and what she was doing it for, her entire mindset changed.

"I really just had to tell myself that we're feeding our family with the deer that we're able to harvest,” said Ziegler.

Now, she hopes to serve as an inspiration to her three youngest daughters.

"Sometimes I watch my mom or dad going hunting, so then I can learn how to do it and then teach my little sisters,” said their seven-year-old daughter, Emma Ziegler.

As well as to women across the world.

"Do what you love and I feel like if you raise them a certain way, they'll naturally gravitate towards those things to realize there are no obstacles, no boundaries for them,” said Ziegler.

In the meantime, Ziegler says her goal is to bring at least one deer home for her family, and is determined to keep going, even if that means she's out there until the l