Father’s Day preparation

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - It's time to celebrate your favorite jokester, grill master, and number one fan...your dad! This year, get him a present that he will put to good use.

"We do sell a lot of camping equipment. We sell a lot of accessories for camping, bikes, kayaks," said Todd King, co-owner of Downwind Sports.

Does your dad deserve something extra special this year? Downwind Sports can help with that!

"We want to make sure that dad gets the gift that he wants, so if they buy him something, a lot of time it will be put on layaway, until he picks it up or if we need to change around the size, things like that. We can definitely accommodate those things as well," King said.

And if your dad is picky, get him something he can't return, like quality time at the golf course.

"We do have a Father's Day special set up for Sunday,” said Marc Gilmore, Director of Golf at the Marquette County Golf Club. “If you bring your father out to play golf with a group it's $35 dollars a player with a saving of about $23 dollars per player. So we would love to have fathers and their families come out to play golf."

And after, you could head inside for a great meal at the clubhouse.

"We have steak and rib night on Father's Day. Which is just a great finish to getting out, having a round of golf with him, and then come in and have a great dinner with us in the clubhouse. We do recommend that you make reservations because we get quite busy with it,” said Maggie Mahoney, Clubhouse Manager.

Some fathers already have plans for Father’s Day.

“I'm going to play golf on Father's Day, with the understanding of my wife and the patience of my wife,” said Jack Kublin.

“I'm going fishing,” Mike Coyne added.

To set up a tee time for your dad, or to make a reservation at the Marquette County Golf Clubhouse, click here.

For more information about camping and other outdoor equipment, visit Downwind Sports' website.

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