Father Marquette students celebrate Mardi Gras

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Students at Father Marquette Elementary celebrated Mardi Gras Tuesday. There was plenty of candy, and fun for all the students.

The 3rd grade students made floats for a parade through the gymnasium passing out candy to other students. After that, they enjoyed root beer floats. But it's more than just fun; the teachers hope the kids learn about the deeper meaning behind Lent.

"They give up candy but, we also talk in school about things we can do, we can work hard on practicing our virtues," said Judy Allie, 3rd grade teacher at Father Marquette Elementary. "We'll give up something but we'll also work on something that's really hard for us to do."

The school is also hosting an open house later this month, that's set for February 28.