Exploration career fair held for high school freshmen

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HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) - High school students from across the Upper Peninsula were busy, away from school, but for a good reason.

Amelia Sander and her friend, Masha Sergeyva, were two of the students among the large crowd. They're both freshmen at Houghton High School.

Along with being able to miss a couple hours of class, Amelia says she was excited to explore Tuesday’s event.

"I'm happy to be here because I can learn about the different programs that are here, we can choose what we want to do and we're not forced to do it,” said Sander.

Sander is interested in going into Marine Biology. However, she isn't sure what college has her field of study. But after Tuesday, she hopes to walk away with a better understanding of her future.

"It might help me to figure out what school to go to, which school has the best program for what I want to do, and to find out if they actually have the program I want to go into,” said Sander.

Unlike Sander, TRiO Pre-College program officials understand it can be challenging for students when they're trying to figure out what they want to do later in life, which is why they have events like this one to start the process of exploring early.

"For students, they'll have the benefit of talking with people who are in their fields of interest, and they can ask them 'What's the daily life like in this career? What did you go to college for? What do you love about your job?' So, those students are really finding both a place that can help them financially in life, but also find a career that they love,” said TRiO Pre-College Academic Advisor, Kailee Laplander.

From here, TRiO Pre-College officials want students to know they are here to help.

They have the resources and they hope students will use them to their benefit.

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