Escanaba's Candidate Forum

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - As the election draws closer the candidates are eager to get their message heard and Friday morning in Escanaba people turned out to hear what several of the candidates had to say.

Unlike Marquette's panel the night before when no republican candidates showed up, here there were democrats and republicans aplenty. The format here was more of a small town hall meeting feel which afforded me a chance to chat with several candidates.

Scott Celello is the candidate for State Repesentative in the 108th district and he told me what his priorities will be should he win.

"I'm concerned with public education and the road funding is mentioned quite a bit. Job creation and expansion."
said Celello.

Scott Dianda is the State Represenentativ from the 110th district who is running for re-election this year. He was very emphatic in how he felt about people playing a role in government. "Participation is everything. I encourage people to vote, I encourage people to run for office whether it's the school board, local government or state or federal. We need to have people participate. It's your government and you can make a big change." said Dianda.

Then i was able to ask the congressional candidates for the 1st District about what has become a contentious campaign. I asked Jack Bergman specifically about his Louisiana connections. He laughed it off saying "Yeah, when you're behind in the polls you gotta make up something so the people won't think you're opponent is worthy."

I then asked candidate Lon Johnson the same thing.

"He's not being straight. He's not being the straight talking marine that he's tell us. The bottom line is that Jack isn't from us so he'll never be for us."

After that brief round of mud slinging, I asked Bergman what his priorities would be if he was elected.

"Environment. We live here because we want to be here." said Brady, "We're not going to anything. People say how's the environment, what are you gonna do? Number one, we're going to protect the environment, number two, everybody everybody wants a job so they can raise a family."

I then asked asked Lon Johnson, who is from Kalkaska, how he is going to convince yoopers that he can represent them.

"I went throughout this district. I will be accessible. I'm here today, I'm gonna be here tomorrow. Working every single day to protect what you've worked a lifetime for. Your social security, your medicare and your V.A. Benefits." said Johnson.

In the end, the candidates had a lot to say but the one thing they could agree upon was whether you voted for them or you voted for the other guy, get out and vote.