Escanaba resident brings home the Mr. Michigan 2018 title

Published: Jun. 14, 2018 at 1:28 AM EDT
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"I've competed in the Mr. Michigan 4 times. I took 6th place one year and 3rd the following year, 3rd last year and now I finally have brought home the title."

Escanaba's Casey Kuehl recently brought the title of Mr. Michigan back to the U.P.

Kuehl, who weighs in at 205.6 pounds and stands 5 foot 9 inches has an almost immeasurably low body fat of around 3 percent, calls Great Lakes Fitness in Escanaba his home gym.

The gym is owned by Harry Johnson who is a former Mr. Michgan and Mr. Wisconsin himself which leads one to ask if there some secret they know at the gym?

"That's a good question, because actually I believe there are four people from the U.P. who have won Mr. Michigan and I believe they are all from Escanaba."

But there is one person that Casey says this definitely wouldn't be happening without and that's his fiance Kayla Asplund.

"She is my workout partner. She is my lean on person. I count on her to be here everyday and she counts on me to be here everyday. I couldn't have done it without her."

Kayla will actually be competing in her first competition in just a few weeks when both her and Casey take part in the Brew City competition in Milwaukee.

I asked her what it's like to be engaged to Mr. Michigan?

"It's exciting. It's overwhelming.There was a lot of prep and practice going into it and there's going to be even more going into November."

But the workouts and prep may not be the biggest challenge when it comes to heading to Nationals.

"The travel expenses, the entry expenses are quite high. We looked them up and we're seeing what we can do to find some sponsors to try and help me out to try and get me there."

But Casey isn't just a great bodybuilder. If you talk with the folks at the gym you will learnt he is a lot more than that. Traci Lancour has been managing Great Lakes Fitness since she was 20.

I'll let you ask her how long that means she has had the job if you like.

She says Casey is a great mentor and helpful with everyone in the gym and particularly younger people who come in to learn.

"Casey is great. He'll sit there and take time with the kids. Show them how to use the equipment. Explain how to do things. He has been a great influence on all of the kids that come in here."

If you'd like to learn more about Great Lakes Fitness or you're interested in helping Casey make his trip to Nationals in November then call the gym at 786-4344 or use the links in the related links section on this page.