Escanaba continues clean up after weekend snow storm

ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Clean up continued throughout most of Upper Michigan Monday after the weekend's big snowstorm. Residents in Delta County area dealing with nearly two feet of snow.

Escanaba usually gets on average around 50 inches of snow a year. They reached almost half of that during this weekend storm alone.

"It's nothing to have 24 inches throughout the entire winter, it's when we you're getting 18 to 20 to 22, we're even seeing 24 inches in some spots of snow in a 24 hour period," said Lt. Marc Zawacki with the Escanaba Public Safety Department.

Officials have been left scrambling throughout the city and Delta County as a whole to get the snow cleaned up.

“It becomes tough to deal with, so you know we ask that residents be patient. The crews are working as hard as they can to get the streets cleared," said Zawacki.

Despite a full day of work Monday, it is expected to take a few days more, with estimates for roads being totally clear around midweek. Because of this, Escanaba Public Safety is asking that drivers continue to stay off the roads.

"If you absolutely must travel, expect some delays and know that the side roads are not plowed," said Zawacki.

Even on Monday, drivers were finding themselves stuck on side streets and in driveways, and if you care to venture down Ludington Street you'll have little room to drive, and almost nowhere to park.

“You may have to walk a little bit more if you can find a public parking lot that is cleared,” said Zawacki. “The plows are doing their best to get Ludington Street cleared."

Crews and residents will continue to be hard at work cleaning snow over the next couple of days.

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