Escanaba High School students learn about budgeting at 'Financial Reality Fair'

ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Juniors and seniors at Escanaba High School got a taste of the real world Wednesday morning. Students learned the ins and outs of budgeting during a Financial Reality Fair.

The fair, sponsored by Escanaba credit unions, sees the students picking out a career and then making financial decisions with that income. Students have to choose how they spend money on food, clothes, furniture, housing, and even leisure.

The fair has been going on around the county for years, and was started as a way to get students ready for life after graduation.

“You have to be ready and prepared,” said Tyler Dubord, marketing specialist at Peninsula Federal Credit Union. “It's not like it is when you live at mom and dad's house and you have most of your bills paid for. This is reality, and I think it's an eye opener for them, and it's something they can prepare themselves for outside high school and for after college.”

The credit unions will be holding fairs later in the school year at Gladstone and Bark River-Harris.

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