Ernie's Pub prepares to open with new sanitary procedures

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Bars and restaurants are allowed to open Friday at half capacity under Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s “Safe Start Plan.”

Ernie's Pub on Ludington St. (WLUC photo)

“We have a group message with all of our bartenders and staff. I sent the message out and everyone was ecstatic to get back to work,” said Dan Hackleman, owner of Ernie’s Pub.

Ernie’s pub in Escanaba is making sure they keep both their employees and customers safe.

“We are spraying down the whole building with a hospital grade sanitizer. Also, in the bathrooms the toilets, the urinals, the sinks, everything will get sprayed down every single night,” said Hackleman.

To keep people socially distanced, every other barstool has been taken out at the bar.

“For the tables, we’re going to try our best. If they come in in groups that they live together, they can sit at a table together,” said Hackleman.

Ernie’s can normally hold 150 people. But since bars have to be at half capacity, only 75 people are allowed in at a time. There will be people at each door with a counter to make sure they don’t exceed the capacity limit.

“We’ll know exactly how many people come and go throughout the day and the nighttime,” said Hackleman.

This is all to stay within the governor’s orders, and to keep everyone healthy.

“We just want everybody to stay safe. We want to do this the right way,” said Hackleman.

Any business owners who have questions about Ernie’s Pub’s sanitation methods can reach out to the owner, Dan Hackleman.

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