UPDATE: Second employee at Eastwood Nursing Center in Negaunee tests positive for COVID-19

File photo shows the exterior of Eastwood Nursing Center in Negaunee during a parade for...
File photo shows the exterior of Eastwood Nursing Center in Negaunee during a parade for residents May 1, 2020. (WLUC File Image)(WLUC)
Published: May. 18, 2020 at 4:47 AM EDT
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UPDATE: May 22, 6:30 a.m.

The Eastwood Nursing Center says a second employee has tested positive for COVID-19 in its facility in Negaunee. In a

, the nursing center said employee is a direct care worker who is asymptomatic.

The facility says the employee had no known contact with another worker who tested positive on May 16.

72 additional tests from employees at the facility were sent to a lab on Thursday. Some of those tests include a second test for employees who were voluntarily tested last week.

The Eastwood Nursing Center says as of Thursday night that 81 of its 85 residents have tested negative for COVID-19. The other four results are still pending.

The nursing center says it will enter its second round of testing next week and that it has plenty of swabs to do so.


UPDATE: May 18, 4:00 p.m.

Eastwood Nursing Center in Negaunee provided an update on COVID-19 at its facility on Monday.

According to a post on the center's Facebook page, all but one result from Saturday testing came back negative.This means 61 employees and 5 residents have tested negative. Some additional employees were tested over the weekend as well.

"We still only have the one employee who we tested here as we were screening to see if we had any asymptomatic employees who came back as positive and remains symptom quarantined in their home. We have offered to do any shopping our employee might need so he can remain quarantined," the center said.

Eastwood was able to test 77 of its 84 residents in-house Monday and will finish testing the other residents Tuesday. 26 additional employees were also tested on Monday.

Tests from Monday are being sent out to Grand Rapids overnight, and the facility expects results back Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

All residents at Eastwood Nursing Center remain symptom-free as of Monday afternoon.

For more updates, check out the center's




The Eastwood Nursing Center says one of its employees has tested positive for COVID-19.

The nursing center said in a Facebook post Sunday that the employee worked in the laundry department and did not have any direct contact with residents.

Eastwood Nursing Center says the case is believed to be an isolated incident. Four employees who worked closely with the individual who tested positive have all been tested with negative results.

46 employees who have been tested had negative results. The nursing center says it currently has 22 pending employee tests that it is aware of.

Five residents had been tested prior to Sunday and were negative for COVID-19.

Eastwood says it will be testing most of its residents on Monday but is still waiting on a few consents from residents, which the facility says will be taken care of Monday morning. The nursing center says it has enough test kits to test all residents and 25 additional employees.

236 test kits are expected to arrive on Monday or Tuesday from Eastwood's lab partner NxGen MDx out of Grand Rapids, and the facility says it will be testing through the week.

Attention families and visitors of Eastwood: As you are aware from our previous post we started testing our employees...

Posted by Eastwood Nursing Center on Saturday, May 16, 2020