Elmer's installs new Plexiglas windows

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Elmer's County Market has a new way to promote social distancing.

Elmer's associate cleaning the Plexiglas. (WLUC photo)

The grocery store installed new Plexiglas windows in order to keep customers and associates safe. The temporary guards are suspended from the ceiling and taped to the register to stay in place.

"We've been trying to practice social distancing and when it comes to the cashier/customer - there's no way to get the six feet. So what I dreamed up one day is let's put sneeze guards up between the two,” said Rod Stende, Elmer’s County Market, general manager.

Stende also says every cart is sanitized at night and the registers are wiped down to keep all touch points sanitary. But that’s not all the store has done.

“We put some tape on the floor to help show people about six feet. The cashiers and baggers wear rubber gloves,” said Stende.

Customers at Elmer’s say they have noticed the changes the store has made, and many are appreciative.

"I also notice that they're cleaning their work stations regularly and I think that helps too not only for them but for us,” said Terri Branstrom, Elmer’s County Market customer.

Elmer's general manager wants to thank the customers that have continued to shop at his store during this trying time.

"I'd like to thank all the people that have been shopping here. They've been great and patient. Thanks to our crew as they're up here and one of the few people working."

As always, remember to keep washing your hands, and stay healthy.

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