EQ Muffler Shop in Marquette to soon close its doors

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Friday marked the beginning of a bittersweet end for EQ Muffler Shop in South Marquette.

"We have an announcement... it's kind of sad. Mick and I are going to be retiring at the end of this month,” said Rich Fulsher, one of the shop’s owners.

After more than 40 years of serving the community, Mickey and Rich say it's time to retire.

"The shop's been here since 1973, the muffler shop opened,” they explained.

Rich explains several family members helped create the shop, but having his brother by his side built its legacy.

"I could've never did it without Mick. It's been a true honor to serve the town, the community. It's been fantastic to us,” explained Rich Fulsher.

"Well, this has been the biggest part of my life,” said Mitchell Fulsher.

The family plans to sell the building and keep the muffler shop name.

Afterwards, Rich plans to travel with his wife, start golfing and even pick blueberries.

Meanwhile, Mickey says he's going to finally teach Rich how to fish.

"I spent the whole time down at this shop working,” said Rich Fulsher.

The shop's announcement isn't only sad for the owners, but also to those who worked alongside Mickey and Rich each day to provide excellent service to customers.

"I'm honored to have been able to work with these guys because I could do exhaust before, but now I can do everything ... I mean all the tricks and just years of experience these guys have dumped on my head,” said EQ Muffler Shop Welder and Fabricator, Scott Mehan.

"I love my husband because he's so honest and true, and I love my brother-in-law for the same reasons. We have really done a really good thing for the community,” said part-time owner, Glenys Fulsher.

As the shop closes its door, Mickey and Rich remind people to be honest, work hard, be grateful and most importantly have fun.

The owners say this ride has been one they won't forget and thank each person who supported their business.

But now, they say it's time to see what else the world has to offer.