Dynamics in Business prepares high school students for real world

NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) - Jake Skewis, Business Teacher at Negaunee High School, admits Dynamics in Business isn't your everyday textbook class. However, he sees that as a good thing.

"We look at a lot of different facets of entrepreneurism, marketing selling and different things like that. One big thing we focus on is team building and teamwork," Skewis stated.

Skewis teaches that while not everyone is good at everything, in the business world it pays to match people with the tasks they are good at. He's applied that to his classroom.

As part of the class, his students have designed new maize and blue student section shirts which they’re selling around campus.

"We've done our student section T-shirt design that our kids have really bought into. We've revamped all the decals for our booster club and we've done just a lot of stuff like that. On a whim, a couple of girls in the class said 'hey, let's make tattoos for homecoming.' They sold $90 worth of tattoos in three days,” Skewis declared.

His students have also taken over running the school store in collaboration with the Booster Club.

"It gives students that real world money management experience, working the cash register, taking complaints and questions and things like that, that they're not going to get in the classroom," Skewis announced.

All this experience gives these students a crucial head start on the next step in life.

“It's a lot of working with real money and doing real sales which is great. The kids are able to see from start to finish, doing the production, marketing doing the pricing, looking at profit margins where can we be more efficient," Skewis reasoned.

Senior, Ashley Oleksy says her experience in Dynamics in Business is already giving her a taste of her future in business.

"It’s a huge opportunity for me to take this class because I want to go into business I want to go into business when I'm older. So it’s just setting me up for what I’m going to see in college,” Oleksy calculated.

Just like in the real world, Skewis tends to throw the students the occasional curve ball according to Senior, Will Luke.

“Every day I go into class I don't really know what to expect. Some days we learn how to help people like when we're working the job, customer service. Other days we learn about all the stuff that goes into business, like all the levels you can work at and if you can move up in a business if it’s a good job," Luke shared.

Skewis says the store is open to the public during normal business hours. So stop by the store for yourself at the Negaunee High School and see all the exciting things happening there.

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