Drive-in theater shows "Back to the Future"

Published: Jul. 18, 2016 at 5:03 PM EDT
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Friday was a night to step back in time; a time when you watched movies on the big screen in your cars.

Manistique's drive-in theater was open for one night only. The theater closed permanently in 2001, until this weekend.

"We just wanted something fun to bring people together," said Alan Barr of the Schoolcraft County Economic Development Corporation. "Local folks, tourists, people that haven't been to a drive-in in years, some who have never been to a drive-in, so this is a first time experience."

The Schoolcraft County Economic Development Corporation hosted a showing of "Back to the Future" Friday night. The theater reached capacity at 340 cars and had to start turning people away. It reminded some of how popular drive-in movies used to be.

"We'd bring dates here, even, when I was in school, so this was a popular place once upon a time," Barr added.

There was a whole culture surrounding drive-in movies. For example, cars would honk when they wanted the movie to start.

"We didn't have satellite TV or nothing," said Jack Ansell, who attended the screening. "It was, come here and watch a double feature, one movie after the other, and the second one was late at night. Most of the time I didn't make it to the second movie."

The younger generation enjoyed the novelty of the evening.

"It's really weird; it's different than watching a movie on your couch," said 10-year-old Kylee Bushong. "I like being outside and I like spending time with my friends."

Though they were born more than 20 years after it was made, some kids said they knew Back to the Future.

"I've never been to a drive-through and I think it would be really cool," said 10-year-old Lorelei Vallier. "I've watched the movie before."

Unfortunately, the event was one-time only, and the theater isn't expected to open for other films.