Dozens gather to protest immigrant detention centers

Published: Jul. 12, 2019 at 10:12 PM EDT
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While Vice President Pence visited an immigrant detention center in Texas today, activists gathered in Marquette to protest the facilities.

The event, 'Lights for Liberty,' was one of nearly 600 happening across the world today, in five countries.

Dozens of people gathered in Marquette's Lower Harbor Park to express their concerns about the immigrant facilities.

"As we watch TV and see and saw the detention camps and children in cages and that sort of thing, we were just incensed and wanted some way to express that and do it in a positive, constructive way," says event organizer Marge Forslin.

The event began with music from local musician Jason Elsenbroek, who played a cover of a song called 'Motherless Child' that parallels his feelings on the facilities.

There were also a handful of speeches from various people, one of which was a United States military veteran.

Behind the group sat a cage filled with stuffed animals, which, according to organizers, was to represent the children who died both in the centers, and trying to cross the border.

The hope of the event, according to Forslin, was to garner support and spark a change.

"And we thought if we take a stand, publicly, it might help other people have the courage to speak up, and we can say to our government 'this isn't the way we want to do things here,'" Forslin says.

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