Doctor's collection of fishing lures a popular point of interest for patients

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IRON RIVER, Mich. (WLUC) - Dr. Scott Ghinazzi is currently a physician at Aspirus Hospital in Iron River, but when he's not helping patients, he's often adding to his unique collection of antique fishing lures.

"Well back in 1984, I found a tackle box that had some old tackle in it, and I enjoyed it," said Dr. Ghinazzi. "My wife and I love antiques and I love to fish. Collecting lures is something I've enjoyed very thoroughly for the last thirty-some years now."

Though Dr. Ghinazzi is an avid fisherman, these are not the type of lures you put on the end of your line. Over three decades Dr. Ghinazzi has amassed hundreds of folk art fishing tackle.

"99% of these are one of a kind," said Dr. Ghinazzi. "What's attracted me to the folk art is the ingenuity, the imagination, and the creativity."

But this hobby doesn't just stay at home. His patients believe his enthusiasm for the collection and fishing makes their doctor visits more enjoyable.

"My husband and I both have seen him as patients, and have been just thrilled with the personal touch, the compassion, the humanism that we see with him," said Caryn Johnson, a patient and colleague of Dr. Ghinazzi. "My husband is a retired game warden, so a lot of common interest in fishing and we have a lot of antique lures ourselves that we just have come across."

Dr. Ghinazzi's antique fishing lure collection will be on display Saturday April 15th at Angeli's in Iron River from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. central time. You can also bring in your own fishing tackle for a free appraisal or even to sell, as Dr. Ghinazzi says he's always looking for new additions to his collection. If you can't make it to the display, but would like to get in touch about lures, you can reach Dr. Ghinazzi at 715-421-6564.

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