Negaunee faces a disagreement with T-Mobile contract

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NEGAUNEE, Mich. (WLUC) - A bump in the road arises as Negaunee City Council members discuss a deal with T-Mobile.

There were minor problems concerning the language of the contract, and whether or not it's best for the deal to move forward in Negaunee. The plan is to put a cellular antenna on the city's water tower. If the plan moves forward, the city will earn $22,000 annually from T-Mobile.

Despite the disagreement over the contract, Negaunee mayor, Don Gladwell, says if it can be worked out it could be beneficial.

"Well it's always a good thing. You hear people talking about the cellular coverage and broadband coverage up in the U.P. being so sporadic," he said. "It's good they're coming up here and being able to expand. From the city standpoint, we actually have a facility with our water tower that they want to put their antennas up on and of course that's going to be a revenue enhancer for the city as well."

The city council agreed to table the topic until their next meeting in October. In addition to this, the next fiscal year budget also was introduced to the council in Thursday's meeting, which will be discussed next month.

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