Dickinson County Sheriff Office introduces Smart911 program

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - For residents of Dickinson County calling 911 is getting a little easier. The sheriff’s office just launched a new Smart911 program.

The app allows you to plan ahead by creating a profile that gives dispatch needed information and can save precious time in an emergency. Information including a location, other family members possibly in the house, primary language and medical background.

"What it does is just gives dispatch a whole lot of information right on the onset without having to ask,” Sheriff Scott Rutter explained to TV6 News. “What it does then is it expedites the process for dispatch to get first responders to you. A lot of the questions are answered, it's endless what you want to do with it."

The sheriff's office urges everyone in the community to take advantage of this new program. You can create a profile at https://smart911.com/

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