Local tractor enthusiasts furrow fields for old times’ sake

SKANDIA, Mich. (WLUC) - Local farmers and tractor enthusiasts got together to furrow some fields for old times’ sake Saturday.

Several different varieties of antique and old time tractors were put to work in the rain in a corn field at Bergdahl's Farm in Skandia.

While they lack the more modern accommodations like an enclosed cabin, heat and AC, organizers of today's work say they are far more reliable than newer machines.

Dating as far back as 1942, these machines are a piece of American history. Some of these machines have helped to feed families regionally for the past seventy years or more.

Bill Kolpack helped to organize the day’s work with several other local tractor enthusiasts. Kolpack says that even today, doing simple farm work like this is a family affair. And he warns the tractor bug typically bites at a young age.

“I grew up on a farm my whole life. As a little kid, I spent a lot of time playing with [farm] toys. I put many hours riding in the tractor with my Dad, doing this same stuff. My Dad and I do this together. We've got 12 tractors in total. Some of them are restored. Some we call being in their work clothes, they're still in original condition,” Kolpack reckoned.

Participants had this day marked on their calendars for weeks. So while most farmers wouldn’t normally do this type of field work in such wet conditions, their old time plow day went on rain or shine.

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