Department of Natural Resources' herbicide treatments pauses blueberry picking

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UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WLUC) - Unfortunately, blueberry picking has to be put on hold due to herbicide treatments from the Department of Natural Resources.

Deputy Public Information Officer John Pepin advised people on Thursday to avoid picking blueberries in the six treated areas they're doing throughout the eastern Upper Peninsula.

Pepin understands this might cause some people an inconvenience, but he assures them it is necessary.

"We understand that blueberry picking is a great tradition and some people love to get out and do, and we have to conduct our herbicide treatments at this time of year too because you only have so many times to do it when the weather conditions are right,” explained Pepin.

The process is currently underway. If you see signs posted, Pepin reassures it's nothing serious, just the DNR performing a routinely check.

For the complete list of places, visit this link .