Dentist offices to reopen, following strict pandemic guidelines

 John Fornetti Dental Center sign. (WLUC Photo)
John Fornetti Dental Center sign. (WLUC Photo) (WLUC)
Published: May. 29, 2020 at 4:47 PM EDT
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With dental offices able to reopen on May 29, Dr. John Fornetti and his staff are gearing up to welcome patients back.

However, Fornetti says his practice isn't accepting patients back until Monday, June 1.

Rather, Fornetti and his staff are taking May 29 to get their teeth cleaned, in order to test out new coronavirus prevention procedures.

"We're literally going to walk in as patients do and make sure that we have all the procedures and processes down. So we will actually be our own guinea pigs,” Fornetti said.

Screening questions, temperature checks, and increased sanitation are just a few changes patients can now expect.

Patients will also be given a pager that will alert them when it's time to come inside for their appointment.

"And then we will open the door for you. It's kind of interesting; you won't have to touch a door handle anywhere between coming in or leaving,” said Fornetti.

Another change you might see at dental offices now, Fornetti says, is a more expensive visit due to personal protective equipment and sanitation costs.

"That used to cost us about $40 for every time that [room sanitation] happened. So, we know now that that's at least doubled, and it's probably getting up to that $100 range,” Fornetti said.

Fornetti adds that there is also worry that fewer people will visit dentists, due to being unemployed or losing dental insurance through their employers as a result of the pandemic. To combat this issue, Fornetti has set up a membership option at his practice, so people are still able to receive dental care even if they do not have insurance.

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