Delta County considers becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary county

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 11:12 PM EST
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Delta County residents voiced their opinions on Tuesday evening about becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary county.

There was standing room only at a Committee of the Whole meeting for the Delta County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, to talk about making the county a sanctuary county.

"The Second Amendment sanctuary county movement doesn't grandize anyone to any special treatment, it basically affirms the Fourth and Sixth Amendment of our Constitution,” said Commissioner David Moyle.

Moyle brought the resolution forward after being inspired by Florence County, Wisconsin.

Delta County is one of several other counties in the Upper Peninsula discussing becoming a sanctuary county, including Dickinson County and Marquette County.

"I believe it is a positive thing, but it won't let anyone carry any guns anywhere, it doesn't try to weaken gun control, it doesn't try to weaken background checks, the order and rule of law is expected here,” said Moyle.

Many residents showed up in support of the resolution and spoke during public comment.

"I am very grateful for this opportunity, to put our lawmakers in Lansing on notice that the people of Delta County expect they will uphold the oath of office, that they swore to uphold the rule of law in the State of Michigan Constitution,” said one citizen in support.

But not every person who attended the meeting was on board.

“I have personal experience with red flag or high risk laws and they are needed, they save lives,” said one concerned resident.

"I’m a hunter I have 10 guns, I understand gun ownership, I just don't understand why this thing is necessary,” said another concerned citizen. “What is the threat? Who is threatening gun ownership?”

State Representatives Beau LaFave and Ed McBroom also called in to answer some of the commissioners’ questions.

No decision was made at Tuesday night’s meeting.

The next steps for the Delta County Board of Commissioners includes talking through the resolution with a legal counsel and more in depth with state representatives.

It will most likely be on the agenda at the next meeting on February 4, 2020.