Delta County Sheriff share donuts and jail tours to residents

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Delta County residents joined the Sheriff's Department for donuts and a tour of the new county jail.

The tours were part of a push to promote the passage of a new road patrol millage and show people what their taxes can do.

The current jail can house 165inmates while the old jail can only hold 85, and currently house120.

Deputies say the new jail is a better space for inmates and a safer place for deputies.

"We've been doing that since before we started the votes for the new jail because people don't get a chance to see, unless you're coming to jail. You don't get to see what the inside of it looks like, so we wanted to make sure that before we brought inmates in here, people got to see what their money is going to," said Deputy Samantha Grabel.

There is no definitive timeline for when inmates will be moved to the new facility, but deputies say hopefully within the next few months.

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