Delta County Drug Court holds graduation ceremony

ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Delta County Drug Court held a graduation ceremony for four people who completed the program on Monday.

The ceremony took place at the Delta County Courthouse.

"I'm feeling nothing but pride. We get to know them as part of being in Drug Court more than traditional probation so I know their personalities, I know their history, and I kind of look at the like a father may look at his own children," Judge Steven Parks of the 94th District Court says. "I'm immensely proud of them right now."

The Drug Court program is used for those who are considered high-risk and high-need, that may not respond as successfully to traditional rehabilitation or probation, according to Judge Parks.

The graduates recognized have a range from 15 to 24 months of Drug Court under their belts, with some celebrating over a year of sobriety.

The program is rigorous, with intense drug testing, meetings, and counseling required several times a week.

"Then once they're back on track we start having them work on relationships they've damaged. The lying, manipulation, and we seem them go through a metamorphosis from when they first come in to where they are now," says Judge Parks.

Judge Parks describes the Drug Court program as a 'wrap-around' program that uses education, employment, and housing as means to get participants back on their feet.

Upon graduation, the goal is to have secured housing, employment, and the tools needed to continue on a clean path.

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