Decrease in recidivism in last three years

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Great Lakes Recovery Center of Marquette says there has been a decrease in recidivism in the area for the last three years. They say this is all through the help of their offender success program.

The program helps offenders get back on their feet by providing job training and development services.

The program has been going on for several years and is funded by the Michigan Department of Corrections.

"It's a support system for the offenders for the offenders who come out. In days past, it was giving them a bus ticket and a pocket full of change, and now it's network of support as far as our staff out there working with the offenders, the parole agents themselves and all the vendors that we work with throughout the community,” said Jason Sides, the Community Coordinator for Great Lakes Recovery Center.

The center says they haven't received the reports on numbers from the MDOC regarding the last fiscal year. However, they say they don't expect to see any changes.

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