Dart Street in Gwinn getting a make-over

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Dart Street on KI Sawyer in Gwinn is getting a make-over.

In June a developer said there were plans in place to demolish several blighted properties, and in October, those plans went into action.

A total of five multiplexes and garages, almost the entire east side of Dart Street, are being demolished. The three owned by the Marquette Landbank are already down.

"These on the other side of Dart Street have really always been targeted as demolition candidates they've been vacant for quite some time, they've had some drug activity, a lot of vandalism and so it was really kind of a no-brainer in this case," Marquette County Treasurer Anne Giroux said.

"We were very happy when the Marquette County Landbank stepped in and saw a need where some vacant buildings needed to come down," Macasu Corporate Manager Scott Bammert said.

"Anytime you can get buildings like that removed, it helps us, it curbs crime I believe," Forsyth Township Chief of Police Gordon Warchock said.

Macasu owns the two remaining buildings and are expected to demolish them as well.

Once down Macasu plans on planting grass on the newly open field to turn it into a green space.

Several other unused buildings on KI Sawyer have been demolished in the past to improve the overall neighborhood.

"This isn't the first time that this has happened here on sawyer, other buildings have been removed after there's not a lot of need, or they're not able to fill them with tenants," Warchock said.

There are no immediate plans for playground equipment on the new green space, but property owners say they look forward to what the open field can do for the community.

"The short term is just get this cleaned up, maintain the grass, make sure it looks neat and clean," Bammert said. "So when people drive down Dart Street, whether they live here or just driving by for the first time they see a nice clean are and something to be proud of.”

Heavy demolition equipment and trucks are actively working on Dart Street for this project, and residents are asked to stay clear to stay safe.

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