Dangers of ice sports on Lake Superior

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Ice skating and fishing are two popular winter sports in Upper Michigan, but it may not be too safe on one of our areas most iconic lakes.

Lake Superior is one of the most unpredictable lakes in the world. The thickness and safety of its ice varies by the day. Wind, currents, and snow are all contributing factors in making ice unsafe.

The City of Marquette Fire Department warns about going out on any ice.

“As a firefighter, we recommend and suggest that all ice is unsafe,” said Garrett Fuller, Firefighter & Paramedic. “The inland lakes are safer than Lake Superior. There's just so many factors that can happen with Lake Superior that we'd recommend to stay off of Lake Superior completely if you can.”

For more ice safety tips from the U.S. Coast Guard, click here.

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