Da Upper Yoopers' Barbershop Chorus surprise man at work for Valentine's Day

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 6:46 PM EST
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It was business as usual at Fox Negaunee on Friday, except for one unsuspecting employee.

Business manager Roger Lauren got a musical surprise at work.

"This is definitely a surprise. Wasn't expecting this at all, kind of came out of nowhere. People showed up here and got to sing so it was great," says Lauren.

Lauren's wife, Emma, coordinated the surprise with all of his coworkers at the car dealership.

"Thanks Emma," says Lauren. "[I'm] pretty surprised, I guess it was great for everyone to be here and see that. I guess she showed how much she loves me to the whole world."

Lauren says his wife isn't much of a prankster. In fact, he was expecting a nice night out at the Dueling Pianos, but the music began a bit early.

However, the day was well underway for the surprise singers, Da Upper Yoopers' Barbershop Chorus, who say it was a busy Valentine's Day.

"It is becoming more and more recognized for us. It's a way we can do our mission, which is to increase harmony in our communities," says music director Pete Stephens-Brown.

After receiving four last minute phone calls Friday morning, the group went all over Marquette County, and even dipped into Alger by the end of the day, to share the Valentine's love with everyone.

"It's warm and fuzzy. Just the sound itself is warm and fuzzy, and when you put a lovey dovey song behind it you're in a good place," says Stephens-Brown.