DCHS introduces interim CEO, CRO in press conference

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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - Just three weeks after announcing the retirement of C.E.O. John Schon, Dickinson County Healthcare System introduced their Interim C.E.O. in a press conference on Thursday.

Jeanne Goche was chosen for the position at the recommendation of Venable LLC. lawyers.

"Jeanne Goche has a long history of turning around troubled healthcare systems everywhere from Texas to Iowa to the Upper Peninsula,” Lawyer Bart Stupak said. “She worked quite closely with Manistique's Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital."

While she has worked on numerous hospitals, she says DCHS is exceptional because of its amount of community support.

"Comparatively the kind of support that I see in the board here and in the community, as well as the leadership and staff within the hospital is wonderful,” Goche said. “It's exceptionally good and I would say that makes this organization a very special place in the experience that I have."

Another position suggested by Venable was that of Chief Restructuring Officer. The board introduced Dennis Smith Thursday for that title.

"Part of my responsibility as restructuring, is not just to kind of work with Jeanne to fix or put band aids on the dike but also to look at the future and where are we going to go,” Smith said.

Both new members of staff started last week, but John Schon’s retirement doesn't take effect until the end of this month. After that he will transition to an as needed consulting role for the next two years.

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