Cub Scout packs gather in Rapid River for annual Cub-O-Ree

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RAPID RIVER, Mich. (WLUC)- The Red Buck District Cub Scouts hosted their annual Cub-O-Ree in Rapid River Saturday. 5 Cub Scout packs from Gladstone, Bark River Harris, and Escanaba came to the Rapid River Stockyards to join in the fun.

Throughout the day, scouts could visit a number of different stations with activities and games. Like snowshoeing, snow hoops, and a maze. Each scout brought along canned soup to donate to local food banks.
Organizers say the activities are designed to teach valuable life lessons.

“The skills that we teach we get kids outside and have fun, but all these activities are games with a purpose,” said Jon Martin, Cub Scouts District Executive. “We have activities that teach scouts to be trustworthy, helpful, loyal. All these skills that matter when you're becoming a leader.”

After all the fun and games, the scouts gathered to share in a communal stew lunch.

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