Crystal Falls Springs brings home silver medal

Published: Apr. 11, 2017 at 6:43 PM EDT
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A family-owned water bottling company in Crystal Falls has one of the best tasting waters in the world. The silver medal they received at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Contest last month proves that.

They may not have walked away with the gold, but this Iron County business sure struck gold when they drilled their water well back in 2002.

"When we got it tested, the lab technician told us that it was the best water he's ever tested in 21 years of service,” Crystal Falls Springs Vice President Brian Rose said. “So, we thought, 'Well, that's pretty special,' and it turns out, it was."

On their very first appearance in the tasting contest and up against bottled waters from over 50 countries and 46 states, Crystal Falls Springs' and their artesian water left the 27th annual competition in West Virginia with a silver medal.

Judges rated on clarity, smell and taste, but if they considered all things that make water great, Artesia, quite possibly, may have come home with the big win.

"The balance of minerals and the potential of hydrogen; the pH 7.6 is probably the most perfect water you'll ever find, and it tastes great,” Rose said. “That's why we call it perfectly natural, and naturally perfect."

This artesian water is sold across the U.S. under private label brands but, in the U.P. and northern Wisconsin, it can be found under its award-winning name, Artesia; a water that tastes so good because...

"It tastes good, because it is good; good for you,” Rose said.