Crafters prepare ahead of this weekend's TV6 Christmas Craft Show

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HARVEY, Mich. (WLUC) - The TV6 Christmas Craft Show brings in more than 10,000 people annually to the Superior Dome. For vendors, it's one of the biggest economical events of the year.

“Through the Dome show, I also met a few business owners who now carry my products. It's just been a great opportunity for me,” said woodworker Ryan Smith.

All across the U.P., vendors are busily preparing for the upcoming TV6 Christmas Craft Show. Smith likes to personalize his work.

"I really enjoy having a story attached to each piece: where the wood came from and where it was located and found, where it washed up on a beach. Was it a tree struck by lightning or blown down during a 70 mph wind?" said Smith.

Smith makes wood and rock art, wine racks and other framed art pieces with his son helping out, too.

"I vacuumed a lot of saw dust in the shop. I made a few candle holder,” said Bothwell seventh-grader, Jonah Smith.

Other vendors have a sweeter business. Two ladies, founders of Craftylicious Candy Creations prepare year round for the craft show.

"We start, even in January, doing some of the toppers. We can cut, glue, and paste and have those all ready to go throughout the year. But the candy is the last minute thing,” said Crafter Cheryl Deverney.

They re-sell candy in crafty Christmas packages at their booth. They use what's called a Cricut Machine.

"It's a die cutting machine. It has a lot of great ideas on there. However, we as a group, sit down and say 'this looks kind of neat,’” Crafter Melissa Histed said.

They sell M&M's, Skittles, and jelly beans, among many others. The TV6 Christmas Craft Show is from Dec. 8 through Dec. 10 at the Superior Dome in Marquette.

For more information about the TV6 Christmas Craft Show, click here.

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