Copper Dog 150 gives free sled dogs rides in Calumet

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To kick off their race season, Copper Dog 150 decided to give back to the community in a special way.

"I love Copper dog. It's fun. It's just fun to see all the volunteers that come out and just all the community support,” said Musher Liaison, Krissy Kovachich.

“It's just amazing. It's a fun event."

Upper Peninsula mushers brought their dogs to offer free sled dog rides earlier Saturday afternoon in Calumet.

"This is a wonderful event for the community,” said Local Musher, Jerry Trudell.

“We've been involved with it from day one, and to watch it grow over the last 10 or 11 years is just amazing."

Trudell also tagged his furry friends along on the journey to Agassiz Park this afternoon.

Unfortunately, his dogs couldn't participate in all the adventure since they're not the best on short trips. But, Trudell didn't let this factor stop the fun.

Instead, his dogs were available for people to pet and keep warm in the cold.

"I'm just so glad we can get these events for the community,” said Trudell.

“It's a beautiful place up here, and anything we can do to showcase the area, we love to do."

More than 200 people of all ages waited in line for their turn. Jordan Hicks and Greta Kesti were among the large crowd of people who were excited for the experience.

"Happy, excited. I never went on a sled with a dog pulling me,” said Hicks.

"I want to go on the sled dog races because I love dogs and I love going really fast on sleds,” said Kesti.

If you missed out on Saturday’s fun, the Copper Dog 150 will have another opportunity for the community to participate on March 2 in Copper Harbor. The overnight races officially take off from downtown Calumet Friday, March 1, 2019.