Contrast Coffee hosts a class on how to taste coffee like a professional

IRON RIVER, Mich. (WLUC) - Residents in Iron River learned a new way to drink coffee Tuesday. Contrast Coffee's Head Roaster led an hour class on tasting coffee like a professional.

Drinkers learned about the cupping method that they use when tasting new brews. The class taste tested six different coffees and then tried to guess which one was which.

"People get to experience something that they've never done before and a side of coffee that they've never seen,” Contrast Coffee’s Owner, Adam Holoryd, said. “Here at Contrast, we only deal with specialty grade coffee and so to be able to taste six different coffees side by side. It kind of gives people a different experience that maybe they wouldn't typically have when you just go into someplace and order a coffee."

You can check out the company's Facebook page for the dates of future classes.

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