Contractors chosen for Shiras Steam Plant demolition activites

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - At a regular meeting of the Marquette Board of Light and Power (BLP) Tuesday, a motion was unanimously passed to award MJ VanDamme Trucking, Inc. the job of the clean closure residuals of portions of the plant.

At under $700,000, MJ VanDamme Trucking, Inc. was awarded the bid with other contractors all bidding for the job at over $1 million.

"The Marquette BLP has received six proposals for construction activities related to the clean closure of the Shiras Steam Plant coal combustion residual surface impoundment activities. The closure is required under Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations and must be completed by October 2020,” said Marquette BLP Vice Chair, Robert Niemi.

Also at the meeting, Golder Associates, Inc. was awarded the job of putting together a hazardous material assessment of the plant, which must happen before demolition can begin.