Congressional Candidate Matt Morgan going door to door in Escanaba

Published: Jul. 19, 2018 at 1:03 AM EDT
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Democratic candidate for Congress, Matt Morgan was in Escanaba this afternoon doing some old fashioned door to door campaigning.

Morgan is rallying voters to get behind his campaign to be put on the November ballot as the sole Democrat to oppose incumbent Republican Jack Bergman.

Due to a technical issue, Morgan will have to first succeed in getting enough write in votes on the August 7th ballot for that to happen.

The number of write in votes Morgan needs can't be determined until election day and that's why he says every vote counts.

"If you're a primary voter and you're coming out in three weeks to vote in the primary and you vote a democratic ticket, I just need you to find the House of Representatives line and write in Matt Morgan and fill in that bubble. I am the only candidate running for the House of Representatives as a Democrat so you just have to write in Matt Morgan and fill in that bubble."

Along with going door to door Morgan did take a time out from campaigning to support some local youthful lemonade based entrepreneurs.